VAT Registration

If you are in business in the UK and are making taxable supplies, you are required to be registered for VAT by HMRC, if at the end of each calendar month, the value of taxable supplies made in the previous 12 months exceeds the annual registration threshold. Registration thresholds change every year. Alternatively, you must be registered for VAT if at any time there are reasonable grounds for believing that the value of taxable to be made in the next 30 days will exceed the annual registration threshold.

While the above is compulsory registration requirements, it is possible to apply for a voluntary registration. You may want to do it for a number of reasons. One of which is credibility. So many businesses register for VAT to add credibility and conceal turnover.

Another reason to register would be to recover you input VAT, the VAT that has been charged to you on your costs and expenses. This might be quite an important reason to register for VAT.

If your customers are registered businesses themselves, there would be strong reason to register, because your customers would not mind you charging VAT, since they will claim it back as their input tax.

It is the ‘person’ not the business who is required to register. Each registration covers all the business activities if the registered person. A person can be either individual or legal person or entity such as partnership or a limited company.

Business and Accounting provide full support in the process of registering your business for VAT by assisting you to submit the application and monitoring the process of the registration. In some cases, additional information may be required by the registration department to conduct further checks. We will provide you with all the necessary forms and advice to obtain your VAT number in the shortest period of time. In some cases, we will get in touch with the registration department to resolve all the problems or respond to queries. We will become your VAT agent and will bear the joint responsibility for all your VAT issues in the UK.

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